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AH Horsemanship Clinics & Training

ahcl1On a regular basis AH Horsemanship organizes horsemanship clinics at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch which are led with an open mind by our team of wranglers and/or professional horse experts.

These trainers & clinicians come from a variety of schools, philosophies, backgrounds, etc. The only request we have is that they are professionals, are quality oriented and have respect and passion to work with horses and people, using low stress natural approaches.

Above all, our clinicians need to be humble with a focus on the participating horses and guests. We are looking for trainers who leave their ego at the door and do not make it about themselves and showing how good they are. It is about learning and sharing their knowledge with others so the participants can become better horsemen and women.

Most of these trainers have been schooled in English, Western or Classic riding or a combination of all three (our preference is they will have an open mind) and they can come from the US, Europe or other parts in the world.

A Team & Concept Approach to Horse training

ahcl2Authentic Horsemanship Horse Trainers

Authentic Horsemanship (AH) is a concept and philosophy shared by a group of individuals, rather than a one-man show, because we believe that there is more than just one method to train horses. According to us, the concept of respect, quality and a genuinely low-stress approach to horsemanship is more important than following one person’s strict idea or method that is deemed “the best.”

There are many proven, successful methods used to train horses in a non-stressful and respectful way. As a result of observing these methods, we have an open-minded approach to training and try to learn from as many different horsemen and horsewomen as possible.

A team approach to training and clinics

ahcl3Our AH horsemanship clinics are never limited to just one trainer; we intentionally create a teamwork-oriented atmosphere where participants can enjoy working with the lead trainer supported by our own staff. To maximize the training opportunity we limit our clinics to around 8 or 10 participants.

During these clinics we offer a good mix of training, riding and/or working cattle.

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