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Riding Vacations

Riding Vacations


Trail Riding and horseback riding in the mountains of Wyoming means ever-changing weather conditions.  It is possible to experience 70 degrees in December and snow on the 4th of July!   Here are a couple weather and climate sites worth checking for current conditions:
Wyoming’s Department of Transportation has a website with the Wyoming Road Report:

Those websites also have information posted about the scenic byways.
Smart trail riders understand the importance of bringing clothing that can be layered.  Multiple layers of clothing, even in the height of summer gives you the best chances for comfortably surviving whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Below is a suggested “What to Bring” list.

Protective Headgear:

  • Wide-brimmed Hat (we require a stampede string or chin strap for safety purposes)
  • Riding helmet

Long sleeve shirts to protect from high-altitude sun
Jeans or Trail pants
Fleece Jacket
Riding Boots (smooth soled with a heel)

Hiking Boots (optional, not for riding, but exploring the area)
Chaps or Chinks
Full length Rain Slicker
Leather gloves (more than one pair)
Lip balm and sunscreen
Hosiery or compression tights (prevents chafing, provides insulation)
Long underwear or tights
Bathing suit (year round for the hot tub)
For your convenience, we supply hair dryers, bathrobes, iron and ironing board

If you plan to visit us during autumn or winter we suggest:
·  All of the above PLUS
·  Insulated, water-resistant boots
·  Water-resistant ski pants or bibs
·  Winter parka
·  Wool or silk long underwear
·  Several pairs of thermal socks (NO COTTON SOCKS)
·  Winter riding gloves with removable liner
·  Balaclava or fleece face cover
·  Warm sweaters (fleece or wool)

Questions? Please e-mail or visit .