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Riding Vacations

Authentic Horsemanship at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch

You are a horse person or interested in learning more about horses, riding and horsemanship. If not, you would not be visiting this website. At The Hideout we have a lot of great horses adapted to all levels of riders from a brand new rider up to professional horsemen and women. In our string we have mostly Quarters Horses, Paints and well-trained Mustangs. Of course like you, we are horse people and like to talk for hours about horses. We believe in quality horsemanship and believe there is a difference between knowing technically how to ride a horse and understanding how a horse thinks. Knowing both how to ride and how a horse thinks results in good horsemanship. If you would like to read more about our horse culture and how we train, manage and work with our horses, please explore the other pages on this website about Authentic Horsemanship & Training.

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