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Riding Vacations

Riding Vacations

Horseback Riding and Trail Riding in Wyoming


This is BIG country.  Experience and knowledge are vital to providing our guests the most rewarding rides. You will encounter a wide variety of terrain and it is not uncommon to encounter large temperature variations.  Your riding opportunities will change depending on weather, location and difficulty of terrain.  Below is a list of the descriptions and terrain variety you will encounter during your stay with us. However these are just examples of the endless riding opportunities we offer.

Devil's Leap

High Desert & Canyons: Ranging in elevation from 4,200 -5,400 feet.  These rides are done during early morning and in the evenings.  This ensures that our guests experience the extreme beauty of the landscape while enjoying the most comfortable conditions for both horse and rider.

Mountain pastures, high alpine meadows and extreme upper countryYou’ll see it all from above 9,200 feet!  These rides depart during daytime hours to capitalize on the warmest parts of the day thus optimizing comfort for both horse and rider.

Devils Leap: Undulating red clay hills capped by wild grasses, sage and cactus.  This intermediate ride culminates in a breathtaking vista from atop the famed Devils Leap dropping 800 feet beneath you.  Take a look over the edge…


Molly Cropsy: This mesmerizing canyon hides abundant wildlife and offers a very challenging ride to those seeking high adventure.  Sharp turns, steep inclines and daring drops challenge even the most advanced riders.

Black Mountain: An easy, scenic route leads the rider through a wide variety of terrain starting at the high desert flats of Trapper Creek winding through fields of salt sage and ending with a dramatic view over the entire Bighorn Basin and even into parts of Yellowstone Park.

Walnut Grove: Step back in time 100 years.  Your ride winds you through down a picturesque tree canopied path, past old timber corrals, over a wooden bridge and opens into a wide open lane perfect for a long gallop.

The average length of time spent in the saddle each day is between 4 and 6 hours although some groups may choose to increase or decrease the amount of time.  Your wrangler will be more than happy to accommodate your requests.007_TWE_WY_

It is important to note that on occasion we use stock trailers to connect one trail to another trail.  When we trailer, your safety is foremost in our minds.  To this end, we use heavy-duty 4×4 Dodge, Chevy and GMC diesel trucks, and our horses ride in Featherlite stock trailers. All our equipment is checked and serviced on a regular basis and we believe in preventative maintenance. All our trucks are equipped with exhaust brakes.

Riding Guides

To enhance your time spent in the saddle, you may experience a rotation of experienced, knowledgeable guides.  Each of our guides knows the country well and offer unique perspectives with a wide diversity of information about the trails and areas you will encounter.  Our guides fall into three general categories:


♦ Technical Rider /Professional Trainer—focusing on your riding techniques
♦ Local Cowboy Guide—focusing terrain, history, trails, and ranch history
♦ Wildlife Guide—sharing knowledge about the terrain, wildlife, plants and

Riding Colleagues

Who you ride with is very important and we want to make the time you spend together as enjoyable as possible. There is very little “nose-to-tail” riding so we have evolved a set of guidelines for the safety of all:

♦ Rides are limited to 5 riders and one guide
♦ Because of the terrain you will encounter we recommend you are disciplined, respectful to the horses and realistic about your own skills and limitations.
♦ Be in good physical condition
♦ Riders must have common sense and be safety oriented
♦ Riders must understand the capabilities of their horse
♦ This is challenging country—be a good sport

Most of all…HAVE FUN and let us know what we can do to make your time spent with us—we want it to be the best it can possibly be.




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