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Riding Vacations

Authentic Horsemanship at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch

Why AH Horsemanship?

The Hideout is a guest ranch, a riding & working cattle guest ranch. We have the privilege to listen, talk, learn and ride with visitors from around the world. They come from different walks of life and there is a rich variety of riding levels and equestrian experience ranging from beginners to intermediate and professional riders competing in the global arena. All these people share a passion for riding and horses. Our guests also have a wealth of information, ideas, feedback, opinions and experience to offer. At the same time our team of equestrian staff and management has witnessed repeatedly the results of inadequate horsemanship.

After carefully observing all the above with an open mind, we started shaping the Authentic Horsemanship program at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch with only one focus; to create a fun, safe, open minded and respectful equestrian program. We are still shaping our program because like most things in life, it is an ever evolving journey to reach the goals we have set for our program. The more we learn and listen, the more we notice how much we still have to learn to get where we want to be.

Our goal is to maximize the potential imbedded in the relationship between each horse and rider.

A simple goal!

The AH brand has one simple goal: to make a positive, successful experience for both horse and rider. The AH concept is about respecting and taking care of horses by learning how to be a capable and honest leader of your horse – not projecting unnatural human feelings onto the horse. It is also about knowing your own and your horses’ limitations. The best way to be honest to your horse is knowing your own limitations and being honest with yourself. It is also about having an open mind and the willingness to learn and change and the desire to remain humble and to keep learning and exploring.

If your definition of Natural Horsemanship is respectful, safe and professional horsemanship you will find our AH Horsemanship concept very appealing. We organize horsemanship clinics on a regular basis at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch. During these clinics we do not forget that horse and rider have a limited attention span. As a result, during our clinic and horsemanship weeks, we offer plenty of opportunities to ride in the beautiful Big Horn Mountain area in Wyoming and even participate in cattle work on the ranch.

Authentic Horsemanship (as we define it)

wy-horse-mountainHorses, like most animals, are authentic in nature and are devoted to survival. They rarely have any intentions other than the drive to be truthful to their origins. As a herd animal, they are committed to their herd and depend on them in order to survive. We believe that the more we observe herd behavior, the better we will be able to understand how to harness the horses’ potential to be great partners for their human counterparts.
At AH Horsemanship, we believe that whoever works with and trains our horses and riders needs to have the 3 C’s of Character, Conduct and Competence. One cannot train for Character or Conduct, but one can train for Competence. The more Competence one has, the more Character and Conduct it takes to use the Competence in a positive, responsible manner.

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch – An upscale Working Cattle & Riding Guest Ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

ranch-lodgingAuthentic Horsemanship & Training is located at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch in Shell, Wyoming. The Hideout is an upscale working cattle, riding and horsemanship guest ranch covering approximately 650,000 acres of riding terrain in a variation of country and scenery. The Hideout is located approximately 75 miles East of Cody, two hours east of Yellowstone National Park and approximately five hours from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

While vacationing at The Hideout, guests have the opportunity to ride and work with our wranglers and guides on their horsemanship, riding and stockmanship skills. Stockmanship is the art of handling cattle and livestock on horseback in a low-stress manner.

We have the ability to train and work with our guests in several languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch and French.

Please visit for more information.

Trail Riding in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

Round up your trail riding group and head for the high country of north central Wyoming to experience the ultimate in high country horseback riding!

Explore the Cloud Peak Wilderness, Bighorn National Forest and endless BLM lands in this area. There are millions of acres to explore in a rarely seen diversity of country and scenery. The valley is located at 4,200 feet and Cloud Peak Mountain in the Cloud Peak Wilderness rises to over 13,000 feet. The Big Horn Mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain Range and the average population density in this area is around 2.1 people per square mile (compared with New York City at 27,000 people per square mile). All of this makes The Big Horn Mountains a trail rider’s paradise in North America.

A hard day’s ride is still better than a hard day at work! Reward yourself for a job well done each night with good food, camaraderie and a blissful rest under wide open Wyoming skies. Dawn brings breathtaking views in every direction and your hardest decision will be which mountain trails to explore!

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch – A Riding Ranch

Many riders are hesitant to go to a guest ranch because they are afraid they will be disappointed by a nose-to-tail riding experience. Here at The Hideout we focus on giving guests a quality, safe and respectful riding experience. We are horse people and with a 3:1 horse to guest ratio and a maximum of five riders per guide we are a riding and horsemanship guest ranch.

The Hideout is located in Shell, Wyoming at the foot of The Big Horn Mountains, East of Cody and Yellowstone National Park.

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